An Unintentional Evening in Wilmington

FeaturedAn Unintentional Evening in Wilmington

We took a little us time away from the girls for our Anniversary. Mom and Dad love us just enough that as they returned from their Florida vacation they took the girls in for the night. Thanks Rents!

We started out towards our favorite single parent’s haunt, Old Yacht Basin Provision Company of Southport. Since this was the night of the Super Moon Eclispe we knew we might be pushing our luck. We’ve seen it flood down there a couple time before on Super Moons. As predicted a Closed sign was hung on the door. Later that night we got a photo from a friend showing Provisions at high tide an hour and a half after we drove by.

Yacht Basin Provision Company By: Sarah May

So we left Southport and decided to check on our Second Favorite Restaurant in the Oak Island area, Joseph’s Italian Bistro. It’s Sunday, They’re closed. SMH.

Front Street Brewery
Front Street Brewery

So I decided let’s head to Wilmington and I’ll flex my romantic hubby muscles and show Beth I remember where we went on our first date down at the coast. Front Street Brewery, here we come.So we meander over to the Brewery where I asked for a seat away from the TV’s so I can focus on my “romancee”. The hostess giggled and took us upstairs to seat us right under one. “Thanks” (insert sarcastic tone).We sat for a minute before the server arrived and we took that time to scan the menu. “Hmmmm… this is not the..I remember having pasta with andouille sausage and scallops. Nothing here but bar food.” The server was visibly shaken when we told him to bring us a couple of brews and a check, “We are going to eat elsewhere.” AND off we go in search of a fourth restaurant.

Elijah’s of Wilmington

A little search on Yelp! yields the name Elijah’s, on the waterfront. A little bit of a sketchy walk on a darkened street by the river with the homeless later and we arrive.Beth of course feels bad now that we are eating a nice meal after seeing homeless folks and the whole discourse on that end’s with me reminding her that the guy commented on my “Lady”. I’m sure none of this would have transpired had we driven and parked closer to our unknown destination but hey, this is what makes life interesting.

We waited a few moments by the front door to be seated in a nearly empty restaurant. It is 9pm by now. We chose to sit outside on the expansive covered deck with about three other couples. The clearly still in college couple, the parents of a one year old (why are they out this late with a baby?) and some Sunday Night Football watchers at the bar.

Crabcakes Elijah
Shrimp & Scallops Elijah

Even though we arrived late in the evening, near closing time. The wait staff were super friendly, attentive and nice. We found out they have two menus. One for the outdoor deck area and the other for the inside area. The inside is a bit more upscale. The two kitchens only serve the area you are seated in and they can’t cross the food orders so you have to order from one or the other. Unless, you get there late, near closing, in the off season. Thanks Bill! Our server made an exception for us. The food was yummy. We ordered the Crab Dip, Crab cakes and Shrimp & Scallops Elijah. The dip was super tasty, Crab Cakes were also good. The Shrimp & Scallops were cooked to perfection. That means they **popped** as my teeth sank into them. My only downside would be the number of shrimp and scallops served for the money. I think there were four or five scallops and maybe ten shrimp with a small side of steamed zucchini and squash for $24.

Bill, our server even offered us a tip on a “safer” route back to the car. Out the door, up the hill to 3rd street with the traffic, and then west to the lot. As we walked up Ann Street Beth spotted the old dilapidated home on the corner of Ann and 3rd street and wondered what it’s story was. I noted the emerging Halloween decoration as we neared the street corner and was surprised to see the home owners roasting marshmallows over a firepit in the front year. We decided to stop and chat with Pete and Heather I believe her name was. She was quiet. Pete was not. They were waiting, in vein I believe, for a break in the clouds to witness the eclipse. Pete is quite an interesting guy actually. He owns the demolition company whose signs are proudly plastered all over the front of the home. I think he said the home was built in, 1845 or ’87. At first I wasn’t sure if the signs were for the house in progress but it seems he is intent on rebuilding the home. His plans include a Piano School for the underprivileged, a juice bar and a myriad of other endeavors in the 7000sf property that overlooks the riverfront from the top of the hill home built in. We left them to their roasting and made our way back to the car for the long ride home.

11181727_10204457461147843_3902160384639463166_nAnother Adventure Away from the littles and memories made for the future.